“Theatre in Denial”







To what degree do selected ‘Theatre for Development’ projects correspond with recommended treatment strategies for Post-traumatic Stress Syndrome?

An examination of cross-references between the healing stages prescribed by the therapeutic tradition and the practice of theatre practitioners working within communities in reconstruction.

In 2002, I took a rewarding sojourn in the field of academia. It was a pleasure to spend intensive time thinking about issues for which I care deeply. Attending the Theatre for Development course at University of Winchester as a mature student, I emerged with of all things, an MA with Distinction. More importantly, I had written a comprehensive dissertation that, while starting with the above enquiry, built towards the additional observation that strategic applications of theatre tools are sadly underemployed. That we too, as theatre artists, are in denial.

This dissertation and the accompanying report:
Scenarios for Human Rites — Dramaturgy for Development:
Listening Stations & FiNGOs

available on request at author.

(See Osijek/Baghdad Friendship Society)


About bembodavies

Theatre worker who long ago abandoned theatres, I remain adept at fabricating projects out of thin air. All proposals welcome.
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