CV – Bembo** Davies

( ** name from birth after Cardinal Pietro Bembo:
lover, churchman and patron of the arts, 1470-1547)

XR Bergen:
Pangfritt Nyttår –
video production;
Room for us? – natural history museum reopening.

Continued unMonastery writings.
First faltering step as stand-forth comic.

House Scribe @ The unMonastery:
major contributor to our BIOS Scriptorium ToolKit:
“The Book of Greater and Lesser Omissions”
“The Stakeholders Handbook”
Medium and Discourse articles
running Blog on items unMonasterial

“Dancefloors with Subtext” – manuscript under submission


“G+” ‘human rites’ exploration with actor/director Sabrina Giampetrone,
our contribution to Kunst-i-kit nomadic performance festival:  Tromsø,
Oslo, Trondheim, Stavanger, Bergen  2012

“The Grand Opening” – a human rites workshop with Marijs Boulogne,
BIT (Bergen International Theatre) at Wrap Arthouse  2012

“Hub’s Lear” – guerilla Shakespeare, Westminister Hub –  actor as the King Himself.

Activating Pacifists: ‘Peace is Movement’ workshop – Hardanger Symposium, Jondal.

“The Last Car on Earth – the very Passion of D. Moore vs the Automites”
Meteorfestival  – Svein’s bil og motor a/s : 100% Shakespeare –  2009

‘Extracting Enthusiasm in The Age of Crisis’/ ‘A Kindly Boot’ 
– a Guerilla Lecture Party Piece :
Kunsthuset Wrap – as  Forget Zis    2008
SummerWorks Festival, Toronto – as The Forget Zis Experiment    2009
Dark Mountain Festival of Uncivilization, Llangollen, Wales     2010
Galleriet 3,14, Bergen    2010
En krevende jobb – Hjelp til hjelparen, RVTS-Vest:  conference 2010
Actor’s College of Theatre and Television, Sydney, Australia:  2010
Burning Ice, Kaaitheater, Brussels;  2011
Cloughjordan Ecovillage, co. Tipperary, Ireland      2011
MEweek, Maastricht,  2012

UN Association of Western Norway, tour guide/project leader :
Norway out of Your Flibbin’ Nutshell.
Human Rite scenario: Dancing for Heads, Merzouga, Marokko.
Nordorff Media Studies;  two student films.

Centre for International Health Studies, 2007 conference, paper:
a FiNGO (fictive NGO) approach to re-construction in post-HIV Africa.
and then…
The Secrets of Slow Acting:  workshop Bagamoyo School of Drama, Tanzania
The Beautiful Factory:  project with Parapanda Theatre Labratory, Dar el Salam. 

Theatre for Development, Univeristy of Winchester,
MA with distinction :  dissertation —  Theatre in Denial
Meteorfestival,  –  Mr D. goes to Market
Ringerike FHS – dag workshop:  Day of the Big Stupid
Fieldwork Inner Croatia/Bosnia   – Scenarios for Human Rites
St.Mary’s School, Southampton, –  Standing in your Words
Theatre for Social Intervention, Univ. of Exeter UK, paper –
Transcending the Holy Ground of Marginality
Stuntfilm, Rolf Helge Thoresen
Circus line, Fjordane People’s College, Nordfjordeide –  Clown Awareness
Panoramafilm, Norgesoljeventyr

Bems Åpne Studio (BÅS) 40+ weekly actor’s training classes
BryggeTango – Tango Abazzo, Bergen/ Nordheimsund, director
Ifengenia,  Bergen 
student radio
FASTArt: Squad Plastique,  Bergen International Culture Centre, diskoteater
Tafjordkraft, commercial
Theatre: more than a dance around your navel,  Norges Ungdomslag.
Sing Shakespeare,  Hordaland Chamber Choir –   reader

Folkehøgskolelærer (1990’s theatre teacher at 4 People’s Colleges):
Romerike FHS, linjeleder Teater og musikk
En sørgelig historie / A Maudlin Tale   –  Prosjektteater, 
Andrzej Sadowski:
Teatergarasje, Romerike folkehøgskole/ Café SoriaMoria.
Folkehøgskolelærer, Vestoppland FHS, drama, Helse og helhet
Text in Space  – Kunsthuset Wraps summer school.
“Aren’t we all rasicts?”   –  Norskefolkehjelp , Youth for Tolerance  – workshop/brochure

Den Multinationale Scene:
My Tenth Calabash –   one woman play w/ Chiku Ali
Bergen Internasjonale Kultursenteret
Easter Festival Kautekeino/Karasjok
Kapitell’96 –  human rights festival, Stavanger
International Conference of Women, Beijing.

Institute for Non-toxic Propaganda:
Kjerringa mot staven   – one woman play w/ Sissel Sannes 
(Title defies translation = The Ol’ Biddy Opposed to Erections -
carries none of the literary associations )

D*U*S*T ; The Invisible Theatre – Bergen International Culture Centre, youth course.
Linjeleder, Teater og musikk, Fana Folkehøgskule
Broken Norwegian Theatre:
Theatre in a Multicultural Nordic, Gøteborg – work demonstration.

Critical Mass – Statensstudiesenter for film – contest winning pilot,  regi: E.Lundby
Søndagsutgave :  BergensTidende commercial, regi: Ellen Lundby
No Thinking for Actors – Nordisk teaterråd, Harstad, kursholder

Theatro Bryggen –  Fish Theatre, 180 performances, writer/ director
Gabriel Garcia Lorca – a meeting in sound and shadow, Greigakademiet,  director


FiNGO: Department of Remmigration- sign up booth
Linjeleder Teater og musikk, Fana Folkehøskole
Teaterkompaniet Rabula , director — Two Café Plays:
The Strongest/A Perfect Analysis Given by a Parrot Stindberg/Williams
Vestlandsteaterlag: an actor’s work with text, kursleder
Project Report on drama with refugee youth, Nygård skole, Bergen 
Dramatic Occurrences in the Language Class
Ferieklubben – Fairy Tale Factory
Humourfestival,  Stavanger – Self exposure Workshop

Future Protection Agency, four month Street Theatre project supported by Employment office, Norwegian Arts Council, etc. as contribution to major environmental conference in our hometown : Little Kid’s Last Chance, The Domestic Rainforest, Park Parking, Sweet and Sour Demonstration Relay…
Travel Grant to visit theatre group Tilonia, Rajasthan, India
Theatre and Environment symposium, Gardzienice, Polen –
work demonstration:  Norwegian for Foreigners
Unemployed Youth of the Earth/Future Protection Agency at Hellerudsletta
Future Protection Agency III ,  Natur og ungdom sommerleir, Utøya.

Institute for Non-toxic Propaganda founding meeting, Northern Alliance for 
Environment and Development, Donastia, Basque – Environmental Crisis Psychiatrist
Linjeleder, teater, Buskerud FHS
Unemployed Youth of the Earth –  SOS rasisme, sommerleir
International School of Bergen – puppet theatre workshop
Pantheatre, Malaraque Spring symposium, Alchemical Theatre, Enrique Pardo

skuespilleri workshop, media verksted Bergen
kortfim, Et juleventyr, regi: E.Lundby
Ungdomsprosjekt; uteseksjon/arbeidsformidlingen – Teaterkompaniet M’Rasa
Jury prize, Grimstad shortfilm festival To Tette og en Badehette, dir: E.Lundby – actor
Severin media; short film adaption of Understand You Not Me? to
Vondt i Språket’ / Pain in the Language, screenplay/leading roll/direction
Den Multinationale Scene:  writer/director –
Streaks of Salt – a visit with your refugee relations
Fremtiden i våre hender, helgekurs – Action Theatre

INNVANDRERTEATERPROSJEKTET senere Den Multinationale Scene
(støttet av KUD, KAD, kulturådet, Hordaland fylket):kurs, workshop, miljøarbeid,
80 fremvisninger av skuespillet: “Forstå ikkje du meg?” / Understand you not me?
Sa Bundok ng Silang  – Riss dansekompaniet.

spontaneous actor’s training, Hålogaland Teater, “an emotional warmup”
Gjøglerne kommer I, Club 7 – The Gods of Money
Ferieklubben, klovnekurs (en eller to ganger til? 85,86?)
Teaterlag, B.U.L. i Bergen, Mammas Gress er Grønnest, Dario Fo, director
The Gods of Money  –  Lørdagsmatiné DNS, reading with band
Bergen AOF, clown workshop (also 84, 86)

CANADA  1969 – 82:

( Theatre work: without  job description = Actor;  No place given = Toronto )

Persephone Youth Theatre, Saskatoon : New Canadian Kid
Rising Tide Theatre, St. John’s Nfld. : You Gotta Draw the Line Somewhere · set design
RSPU Lunchtime Theatre, St. John’s : The Measures Taken
Centaur Theatre, Montréal :  On the Job
Factory Theatre Lab, Brave New Works : Available Targets
Toronto Theatre Festival, Second Stage :
The Situation in the 
Big Cities on the Eve of the Economic Catastrophe
Théâtre Passe Muraille : The Gods of Money · playwright  (book + libretto)
Comus Music Theatre : The Second Shepherds Play

Mummer’s of Newfoundland : Christmas Mummers’ Play ’73;
Buchans, a Mining Town; Once a Dragon; Christmas Mummers’ Play ’74;
Company Town – (Buchan’s touring version); Dying Hard.
Mysterious Foolish Society:  MUN extension services – artist-in-residence .

Theatre Second Floor :  Waiting for Godot – ( Estragon )
King Lear Expedition :  King Lear – ( Edgar )

25th Street Theatre, Saskatoon : If You Are So Good, Why Are 
You In Saskatoon ?; Heartbreak Hotel; The Sacred Mountain
Sundog Craft Fair :  Perpetual Clown Factory
Hands-Full-of-People : “Dragons on your Doorstep” , · co-author, puppeteer
Rossingol School, Île á là Crosse : ‘Métis Pride Parade Day’, theatre workshop
Canada World Youth, Montréal/La Ronge :
exchange program with the Philippine Islands, group leader

Proj’ect Project’, Newfoundland : A Midsummersnight’s Dream (Bottom),
Theatre Passe Muraille : All the Ghosts – assistant director ( to Louis del Grande)
Festival of Two-minute Theatre
Open Circle Theatre : Stop Spadina, puppeteer
National Art’s Centre, Ottawa :  Richard Pochinko’s Clown Workshop
Royal Brothers Circus : clown, tour of New Brunswick

National Theatre School of Canada – acting, english

Podique Ludiquæ Societas : Mary Magdalena, King Herod – props
Hurdy Gurdy Players :   Hurdy Gurdy Man;
Jack, it’s Rude to Whisper;
  Gappo’s Circle ( Kabuki adaptation ).
Global Village (Theatre) – stagehand
David Martin Group : The Card Index – Rosewicsz, The Marriage – Gombrowiscz
Festival of Underground Theatre : theatre journalist, street-newspaper Guerrilla.
Théâtre Passe Muraille :  I Had It But It’s All Gone Now; Out to Breakfast
THOG :  THOG’s Hamlet –  stage and film versions


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