Norway: Out of Your Flibbin’ Nutshell — A Non-toxic Propaganda Expedition:

A few summers ago, I was hired by FN Sambandet Vest (Western Norway office of the UN Association) to lead a three day expedition. Our mission was to investigate the prevailing change of climate occurring along the route of the nefarious collective transport marathon through the magnificent fjords, the almost legitimate tourist magnet: Norway in a Nutshell.

– the pre-voyage brochure

We retraced the stations of the cross-paths; the frayed surface where both travelers and the natives seemed destined to exchange cultural values.  It was shocking. We became advocates of Slow Tourism:

Plots were made to make shoe-removal the only acceptable custom at Class A historical monuments such as Borgund Stavkyrkje.  If people found it hard to comply, we could offer to wash their feet in goat’s milk. — “You would certainly do so at the Taj Mahal.”

Plans were hatched to establish pirate fleets of environmental awareness activists. Returning veterans from the UN/NATO wars, would complete their mandatory society-reintegration course after service curtailment with a six month training in ‘Guerilla Think Tanks‘.  From the idyllic banks of a tight fjord, ocean-going kayaks shall surround and board unwitting vessels of the cruise ship trade that ply that part of the coast in the summer months.  For three hours, our guerillas will hold up a ship in mid-itinery, while they will present a participatory, democratic discussion workshop – teaching key skills such as Universal Community Rebuilding Strategies.

As with many of our non-toxic FiNGO (fictive NGOs) solutions, the threat is often as effective as the carry through…


About bembodavies

Theatre worker who long ago abandoned theatres, I remain adept at fabricating projects out of thin air. All proposals welcome.
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