unMonastery prototipo Matera


The Parable of the Rubinetto
After our favorite straight man, Ben’s more rational illumination of the EdgeRyders/unMonastery working model had enthralled our inaugural press conference, we let loose the bloody poet.  Grabbing a not-coincidently nearby length of hose, he carried on in the tiny sliver of media frenzy remaining before the breaking out of bottled refreshments.   Attention was directed towards the nozzle; it had several movable segments… 

Clearly this essential tool resembled the unMonastery project.  The behind the scene’s end that pried open the hose opening and wedged itself tenaciously fast with its concentric rings of teeth that root the whole operation in place was clearly the committee that had provided for the unMonasterani’s inclusion in their vision of social and cultural renewal. 
We ourselves were the working parts of the nozzle whose delicate interplay shaped the desired flow closer the more heralded front end.  Our noble task: to dispense a Fountain of Ideas at a rate most suited to the intended splash.  We were by nature finicky, but given sufficient attention to detail we could vary from an accelerated cleansing jet of significant pressure to a finely dispersed spray suitable for cultivation delicate growth. 

In an admittedly forced extension of the metaphor, the finally working part of the nut that prevented the desired setting from losing its grip was proffered as the ladies and gentlemen of the press – our unheralded but imminently useful co-workers should we need to retain the rate of flow.  Concealed beneath the rim of the table was the unmentionable fact that until the hose was attached to the water supply of the citizenry, it was virtually useless…

Fortune however shone as brightly upon us as did the mid-February sun: to formally mark the opening the unMo, the nozzle provided most excellent acoustic properties for even an untrained embouchure to sound with appropriate pomp.  

Repeated at 100cm intervals along the length of the hosepipe was the reassuring message: Made in Italy. 



About bembodavies

Theatre worker who long ago abandoned theatres, I remain adept at fabricating projects out of thin air. All proposals welcome.
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